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Chris Pratt Jokes About Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Lunch Outfit: ‘I Love Ninjas’

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The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor couldn’t help but joke about his wife’s passion for ‘sun protection.’

Chris Pratt couldn’t keep his eyes off Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt’s fashion during their latest date. While enjoying lunch in Southern California, the Guardians of the Galaxy star playfully poked fun at his wife’s outfit as they experienced a summer afternoon.

“Nice lunch with my wife, who cares deeply about sun protection,” Chris, 45, wrote via Instagram on Tuesday, July 2. “Me, I love ninjas. So it’s kind of a win-win.”

After finishing her meal, Katherine, 34, sported a white baseball cap, sunglasses, and a Coolibar UPF 50+ hoodie that nearly covered all of her face. The best-selling author took her husband’s post in stride when she shared a link to the hoodie in her Instagram Stories while writing, “Me 🤝🏻ninjas.”

In a follow-up post, Katherine reminded her followers to wear sunscreen as temperatures heat up across the country. “Just popping in to remind you to wear your SPF,” she wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, June 3, when recommending iS CLINICAL skincare. “And don’t forget your hands, neck, and ears!”

Sun protection remains a priority for Katherine as she reportedly prepares to be a mom for a third time. On June 28, PEOPLE broke the news that the animal advocate is pregnant and expecting her third child with Chris. (The pair have not publicly announced that they have another child on the way.)

According to Katherine, who is mom to daughters Lyla Maria, 3, and Eloise Christina, 2, she is raising her daughters to be comfortable and confident in their own skin without all the glitz and glam that sometimes take over Hollywood.

“It’s something I’m really mindful of now having daughters of how we speak to ourselves, what we wear, how we have fun, how we play with makeup, play with our hair, all the different things that I want them to enjoy about life and about being young girls and growing up,” she told PEOPLE in May. “And also to be able to love their natural beauty and know that they’re beautiful inside and out and be comfortable in their own skin. That’s a huge gift my mom [Maria Shriver] gave me that I feel like transfers over from beauty to fashion.”

Chris has also admitted to learning a few things about parenting from his mother-in-law. While appearing on Today, the actor called Maria, 68, “a living saint.”

“She’s funny and accessible and brilliant,” he said in May. “She’s so involved in the lives of her children. … I think she holds them accountable. You know, when Maria walks into the room, you stand up. She’s big on manners and she’s big on accountability and she’s deeply rooted in her faith and these are all things that I definitely want to take and implement in the rearing of our children.”

Chris and Katherine’s dedication to family values and parenting is evident in their daily lives. Whether they’re joking about sun protection or sharing parenting wisdom, the couple shows commitment to each other and their growing family.

They are an endearing pair, often sharing glimpses of their lives on social media, to the delight of their fans. Katherine’s reminders about sun protection and her joy in raising her daughters in a grounded environment resonate with many.

Meanwhile, Chris’s admiration for his mother-in-law shows a family dynamic that’s rich with respect and love. His comments about implementing Maria’s values in their own parenting highlight how traditional yet contemporary their approach is.

The Pratts’ story is one that continues to captivate the public, from their humorous social media posts to their deep conversations about family and values. As they prepare for another addition to their family, fans eagerly await more updates from this beloved couple.

For many, seeing such a well-known pair committed to down-to-earth principles provides a refreshing contrast to the often tumultuous nature of Hollywood relationships.

Source: PEOPLE, Instagram