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Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Family’s Newest Hobby Obsession

Every time Chrissy Teigen helps her kids with a niche hobby they’re obsessed with, an angel gets its wings, at least according to her Instagram followers. In a post this Tuesday, the Cravings author revealed that her eldest child Luna, 8, along with she and her husband John Legend, are deeply obsessed with building LEGO sets. Teigen shared several photos from the family’s vacation in Thailand, many of which depict the trio either building LEGO sets or standing proudly next to their completed models.

“Well on our way to completing every Lego set ever,” the mom of four captioned the post’s carousel.

The first photo showed Teigen and Luna at a patio table covered in LEGO bricks. Both were holding instruction booklets and smiling for the camera. Teigen was assembling a vintage radio set, while Luna worked on a LEGO Friends house model. Another photo featured John Legend proudly displaying a completed grand piano set, which looked intricately detailed.

Assembling LEGO sets is no easy task. Anyone who has attempted it or stepped on a stray brick knows how challenging it can be. One of Teigen’s followers praised her for not only encouraging Luna’s hobby but also joining her in it. “I am impressed such patience. I would be in tears the minute I saw all the pieces,” they admitted.

Other fans were curious and complimentary. One asked, “How long did it take you to build the radio? Impressive!” Another follower wondered how the family manages to transport the finished models. Teigen’s response was heartwarming and reminded everyone why we love her so much.

“So how do they get back home? 🤔,” a follower inquired. Teigen replied, “we donate them in every country!” This gesture not only allows her to create lasting memories with her kids but also gives back to local children in each place they visit.

Back in August 2023, Teigen revealed their family’s LEGO love during another vacation. “legos on vacation with my giant family! a dream,” she captioned an Instagram post that featured her smiling next to an assembled vintage Nintendo set and a picture of Luna working on her own set. Teigen also shared an Instagram Story showcasing the numerous LEGO sets she packed for that trip. It seems LEGO sets are just as much a vacation staple now as they were then.

Alongside this year’s LEGO fun with Luna and Legend, Teigen posted photos of her younger children, Esti, 17 months, and Wren, 12 months, enjoying the tropical outdoors. Her 6-year-old son Miles was seen having a blast in the pool. One adorable picture showed Legend in the water with all four of their kids. Remarkably, each child resembles Legend in unique ways. Time will tell if the younger children will develop an interest in the family’s LEGO hobby too!

Source: SheKnows