Christian Domínguez assures that he and Pamela Franco just want to “be happy and calm” | VIDEO

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Christian Domínguez has been in the middle of the controversy for not attending “Reinas del Show” last Saturday, a program in which Vania Bludau and Isabel Acevedo, her ex-partners, participate, and also for absent from “América Hoy” when the popular ‘Chabelita’ was as a guest.

In that sense and in brief statements for “Magaly TV: La Firme”, the cumbia singer said that at this moment in his life “My family is the most important thing to me” and although He accepted that when he was younger he could be involved in scandals involuntarily, today that no longer interests him.

“As a boy I have been able to make mistakes, suddenly make bad decisions (…) Unconsciously I would have wanted to participate in something, but not today. Today it is unnecessary, we are no longer children and the only thing we do want (together with Pamela Franco, mother of his last daughter) is to be happy and calm “, he stated bluntly.

The popular ‘wachiman’ accepted that it bothers him that in the program he works with Ethel Pozo, Janet Barboza, Melissa Paredes and Edson Dávila ‘Giselo’, they are seeking to reunite him with his ‘ex’. “The only thing that is, I defend my position, what is happening do not think that it is to my liking and that there are all these kinds of problems is not that I enjoy it “, said.

He also joked about the date he usually ends his relationships. “You have created that date (three years maximum with each couple) and my wife tells me: ‘Love, when the date passes we will have a party and we will upload it in networks’ (…) I am happier, impossible”, he assured.

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Finally, Domínguez complimented Pamela Franco. “I have to respect the present a lot, and I want my present to be calm. My wife is incredible, I am very happy and very grateful to her, she is a great woman apart, a great mother “, culminated.

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