Christian Domínguez does not rule out sharing a set with ‘Chabelita’ in the future: “It’s a time issue”

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The singer and television host, Christian Domínguez was encouraged to explain why so far he has not wanted to be on the same set with his ex-partner, Isabel Acevedo as he did with Vania Bludau in the latest edition of ‘América hoy’.

His statements were given on the Saturday program ‘You are in all’, where Natalie Vértiz and Choca Mandros asked him why the reunion with the influencer Vania Bludau did not take place before and how did he feel.

When they were going to invite her, a topic came up with another person and if she went it would cause a stir in the press, but yesterday (Friday) it was super fun. She is with Mario (Irivarren) whom I have a lot of respect for and he looked super cool. I have laughed and amused a lot, “he answered without regard.

After almost a year of his participation in the program ‘América hoy’, he pointed out that he has learned a lot. “It made me more skillful, I handle things differently, it taught me not to act with the liver, not to be bothered by a comment, you have to know how to take the comments and see the positive part”.

Collide mandros He took advantage of his presence to ask him about the possibility of reuniting with his ex-partner Isabel Acevedo next year. To which the singer immediately explained:

When I stop going to a place, it is not only because I had a history with her but because of what comes next. It is an issue that has to go through a bit for me, I have to be comfortable, my family comfortable to be able to do something like that, as long as that doesn’t happen, it won’t happen. This is what happened with my daughter’s mother until we reached an understanding and today we can be in a program, it’s a matter of time and behavior, nothing more“, He said Dominguez.

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People say, what’s wrong with it? If it’s wrong because you have a present … I don’t just do it for her (Pamela Franco), I do it for myself because I think the family is respected and there is such great love “added the leader ‘Great International Orchestra’.

Faced with this answer, Natalie Vertiz congratulated the singer for prioritizing his family. “If I put myself in Christian’s shoes it seems like the right thing to do, he is doing it out of respect for Pamela, he does not want to bother her”.

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