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Christian Domínguez unleashes mockery after demonstrating his culinary skills without lighting the kitchen fire – MAG.

The singer Christian Domínguez He had embarrassing moments during the inauguration of his seventh store “Tusan Wok”, which is located in Arequipa, a city where he arrived accompanied by his entire family.

In a link for the program “En Boca de Todos”, the artist tried to demonstrate his culinary skills by flaming chaufa rice; Nevertheless, He did not realize that he had not lit the fire in the kitchen, which sparked ridicule from the hosts of the entertainment program.

The artist also suffered an incident when he tried to break the bottle of champagne, with which he would seal the inauguration of his new food establishment, since he lost the tool with which he would strike the traditional hammer blow.

After the last minute incident, the leader of the “Great International Orchestra” was forced to break the bottle with a metal stick.

During the program, Tula Rodríguez also surprised the actor after require a food buffet for the entire production and technical team of the “En Boca de Todos” program.

“We support your business, (…) The important thing here is that you continue to grow, but if we have accompanied you in all the openings of” Tusan Wok “, When do you send you a chaufa rice, a Kam Lu Wantan? “, questioned the television host.

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