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Christian Domínguez upset after seeing Pamela Franco cry for Nílver Huárac Video Farándula nndc | PEOPLE – MAG.

Christian Domínguez and Pamela Franco appeared in the recent edition of “El reventonazo de la Chola” and both referred to the verbal confrontations that they have starred with Nílver Huárac, manager of the group “Alma Bella”.

In conversation with the character of Ernesto Pimentel, the cumbia singer stressed that he is used to media problems with his colleagues in the entertainment industry, but the mother of his daughter is not.

“In particular, I am very strong and I have always been used to it for 23 years because I feel that I was born for this. From the age of 15, this was my career. I am concentrated and I tolerate many things because I have a lot of money for this, but not my wife ”, express.

Domínguez stressed that he was outraged by Nílver Huárac’s statements against Pamela Franco after his departure from “Alma Bella” and explained that they only want to work to move forward with their little daughter.

“My family is always my Achilles heel. When she cries I swear it makes me angry, hence I feel sorry because it is not fair that she is suffering, because she does nothing to be like this. Since I’ve been with her, I’ve made sure she’s happy “, he sentenced.

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