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Christian McCaffrey Defends Olivia Culpo Against Criticism

Christian McCaffrey Defends Olivia Culpo Against Criticism

The San Francisco 49ers may not have clinched the Super Bowl, but that hasn’t stopped their running back from celebrating a personal victory. Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo recently tied the knot. The ceremony went off without a hitch, but Olivia’s wedding dress became a viral sensation, drawing some unexpected criticism. Even influencer Kennedy Bingham joined the conversation.

Olivia Culpo opted for a modest wedding dress for her nuptials with the 49ers star running back. She received a flood of positive feedback about her appearance. As a former Miss Universe, her choice of attire only heightened her beauty in the eyes of her new husband, Christian McCaffrey. However, Kennedy Bingham was not impressed. The influencer claimed the dress lacked personality, even going as far as to say that Culpo looked nondescript, as reported by Ingrid Vasquez of People.

Bingham argued that Culpo was promoting a generic standard for brides. According to the influencer, many women feel sexualized regardless of their outfits. Although Bingham did concede that the dress looked good, the criticism triggered a backlash.

Christian McCaffrey caught wind of this and immediately responded. The 49ers star posted a comment on an Instagram reel.

“What an evil thing to post online. I hope you can find peace and joy in the world, the way my beautiful wife does,” he declared.

The negativity didn’t end there. In Bingham’s video criticizing Culpo’s dress, the influencer also brought up past comments about the dress creators’ earrings from 2013 and their opinions on Selena Gomez.

So why did Olivia Culpo choose that particular dress? Culpo had previously mentioned that her choice stemmed from a desire for modesty. There was, however, more to her decision, rooted in her view of the love she and McCaffrey share, according to Brooke LaMantia of The Cut.

“When I think about Christian and what he loves and the moments that he thinks that I’m most beautiful, it’s absolutely in something like this: timeless, covered, and elegant,” she said.

Culpo didn’t hold back in expressing her dismay over Bingham’s comments.

“Wow, what an absolutely evil person you are. I hope no one ever tears you apart in this way because it’s extremely hurtful. I love this dress and it was everything I wanted and more,” she stated.

A significant part of Bingham’s criticism stems from the fact that Culpo’s dress was designed by Dolce & Gabbana. While there haven’t been any further statements, tensions between the two camps seem evident. Hopefully, this won’t distract McCaffrey during his upcoming training camps and season preparations.

Source: People, The Cut