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Christian McCaffrey’s Mom Dances at NFL Star’s Wedding to Olivia Culpo

Christian McCaffrey’s Mom Dances at NFL Star’s Wedding to Olivia Culpo

Christian’s mom has got it going on. Thanks to this new video shared by the McCaffrey family—which was apparently filmed by the newest member of the McCaffrey family—it’s becoming clearer as to why San Francisco 49ers star running back Christian McCaffrey has such great footwork.

Not only did Christian likely inherit some football skills from his NFL playing father Ed McCaffrey, but it appears he also got some athleticism from his mother’s side. During the wedding that united Christian and American model Olivia Culpo, the bride stepped aside and let her new mother-in-law take center stage, at least for a moment.

When it was time for the dance floor to come alive at the McCaffrey wedding, it seemed as though Christian’s mother Lisa had been waiting all night to show off her moves. With a circle gathering around, which included 49ers QB Brock Purdy, Lisa was spun once and then proceeded to light up the checkered floor with a flurry of fluent dance moves.

Olivia captured the moment on video and cheered her on with a “Go Mother-in-Law!” caption overlaid on top of the video. Lisa’s husband Ed grabbed the video and posted it onto his social media accounts, sharing this sweet message along with it:

“My daughter-in-law is already grabbing some SOLID GOLD CONTENT. Thank you, Olivia, for capturing Lisa in her natural habitat. My dancing queen.”

Just a family of athletes, dancers, and now models. Needless to say, Lisa McCaffrey’s electric dance moves garnered her some attention online and appear to have earned the McCaffrey family a couple more fans.

Source: particlenews, Twitter