Christian Nodal Confirms that He Ended his Relationship with Belinda

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Christian Nodal and Belinda

After days of rumors, Mexican singer Christian Nodal confirmed on his social networks that he and the artist Belinda have decided to end their engagement and relationship that was publicly announced in 2020.

In a statement posted on his Instagram account, Nodal said they will take “each the best of the other” and that “everything that is speculated is false.”

The singer of “Bottle after bottle” asked for respect for the decision they have made, “where each one will live their separation process in their own way and always wishing each other the best for the happy times lived and those of trial as well.”

Nodal ended his message by clarifying that there will be no more of the subject to the media.

At the moment, Belinda has remained silent and has not published a message alluding to their romantic relationship on their social networks.

The latest story shared on their Instagram mentions that they are grieving “one of the most beloved people in our family.”

According to the media, the couple met when they worked on the program La Voz México. Christian Nodal and Belinda were engaged in marriage in 2021.

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