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Christian Nodal Discusses His Mental Health: 'I Hit Rock Bottom'

Christian Nodal Discusses His Mental Health: ‘I Hit Rock Bottom’

Christian Nodal is keenly aware of the substantial impact his romantic relationships have on his life. The media and his followers are deeply engrossed in his personal life, whether it involves Cazzu, the mother of his child, or his new partner, the singer Angela Aguilar. In a recent podcast appearance, Nodal opened up about some of the most challenging mental health struggles he’s faced, particularly those influenced by social media and public perception. © GettyImages
Christian Nodal in concert

Recently, Nodal was in Spain, where he featured on the WiZink Center podcast. During this appearance, he touched on his mental health and the media’s relentless focus on his personal life. “I’m always in the press due to personal reasons,” he said in Spanish. “I make music and I think I make good music, so what I care about is that people like my music.”

He shared that he has faced some tough mental health challenges over the past few years. “Two or three years ago, I hit rock bottom because of social media,” he revealed. Fans and listeners quickly linked this timeframe to the aftermath of his breakup with Belinda. The couple, who were once engaged and seemed happy, ended their relationship abruptly. Both decided not to discuss the relationship any further with the media or the public. © GettyImages
Christian Nodal and his new partner, Angela Aguilar

Nodal explained that the experience of hitting rock bottom was grueling and that he sought the help of a therapist. “It took a lot of time in therapy. It took me about a year to get out of this depression and anxiety and some very difficult things that I was going through,” he shared.

He emphasized that he is now in a much better state and is better equipped to handle the pressures associated with social media. “I think I found a really beautiful balance in life when, in reality, I don’t stop living because of what people say and I don’t care about changing people’s opinions,” he said.

Source: GettyImages