Christian Nodal gives date and sex to his first baby with Belinda

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Fans explode against photographer who launched offensive comments towards Belinda and Christian Nodal

The singer’s recent statements intensify rumors that Nodeli would be expecting their first child together.

After Belinda and Christian Nodal made their commitment known, rumors that they would be expecting their first baby began to emerge, something that none has come out to clarify or deny, not even Nodal, who usually takes their social networks to make jokes and being ironic about what is being said about their relationship.

The truth is that point and apart from the rumors, the winner of the Latin Grammy is very clear when he wants to be a father, as well as the sex of his baby.

If we do the math, for this to happen, the couple would have to make the big announcement at a not-so-distant moment.

The details, in the video above.

In a recent interview, Christian Nodal assured that after meeting Belinda he knew that something special would happen between them. After starting dating and reaching the stage of sharing the news with his family, the singer acknowledges that they believed he was crazy:

“They didn’t even know Buy or anything .. I told them, ‘I want to marry Buy‘. They said ‘but how? Explain ‘and all that,’ you’re crazy ‘and then as I started to tell them about everything beautiful that was happening to me it was like’ no, you’re absolutely right ‘and after they met her, they fell in love with her ” .

“From there pa’l I really had the decision that ‘I want to marry her’, I just couldn’t find the right time and when I did find it, things didn’t happen, until I returned here to Spain and started planning everything there very quickly. as quickly as possible so that something super romantic came out the way my wife likes it, and something unforgettable came out, and in the end a super beautiful result came out with a lot of love, “he added.

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