Christian Nodal: When did you marry Belinda? | VIDEO

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Christian Nodal had a television appearance for the Univision program “Despierta América”, where he revealed details of his love life with singer Belinda.

In conversation with the journalist Raúl González, the interpreter of “Adiós amor” confessed that he is jealous with his girlfriend “When you have to be”.

In addition, the musician revealed that his long-awaited religious wedding with Belinda will be in 2022: “The nun, we want her for next year. But the one that is coming and will be very soon, is civil ”.

Nodal said that he appreciates when the singer of “Sapito” accompanies him to his concerts, a detail that allows him to try even harder to leave a good impression on his partner, another celebrity in the music industry.

“The truth is, yes (I sing better when Belinda is there). Yes I really want to, because there are artists who say: ‘bah, what is that going to criticize me’, but there are artists who say ‘oops, no’, there is a monster that sings “, he indicated.

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