Christian Nodal’s Parents Sued for Alleged Fraud

Christian Nodal

The parents of the regional Mexican singer, Christian Nodal would have been sued by the Universal Music label for allegedly having simulated contracts.

According to information released by the show program ‘Ventaneando’, the record label under which Nodal produced his music, Universal Music, would have acted legally against Cristina Nodal and Jaime González, parents of the Sonoran, for allegedly having appropriated content that legally belongs to the label.

As mentioned in the mission led by Pati Chapoy, the representatives of the company would have gone to the authorities to file a complaint about the crime of generic fraud, since allegedly Nodal’s parents would have “simulated contracts to appropriate various phonograms and videograms for whose rights the Universal label had already paid,” it was detailed.

“Sony will have to investigate Nodal’s legal situation. Tomorrow in ‘Premio Lo Nuestro’, the singer will have to get on stage and who knows what may happen,” Chapoy said.

On February 16, Sony Music announced that the interpreter of ‘Bottle after Bottle’ joined its ranks of artists, after starring in a controversy for allegedly having been banned from several stages by breaching his contract with Universal.

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