Christian Yaipén dedicates an emotional message to his mother and reveals: “He never had another partner again”

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The singer Christian Yaipén He celebrated his mother María Elena’s birthday and had no better idea than to write her a few words of love.

The voice of Team 5 used their social media accounts to highlight everything their mother has done for them and reveal how much she has suffered because of the death of her father, Elmer Yaipén Uypán.

The interpreter of “I change my heart” He confessed that his mother never fell in love with another person again.

“Happy Birthday“ Mamita Elena ”: For those who do not know my mother, she is a lady with a wonderful heart – ‘that I did not inherit’ – and who taught me and instilled all the values ​​that I have today. A unique mother, transparent and of great respect “, noted at the beginning of the publication in Instagram.

Something that I always admired about my mother is that she never had another partner again, a mother with a lot of courage who brought her family forward, despite all the damage they always did to her. I was a witness because my father passed away and I have practically been his keychain since my 5 years of life. Today, she enjoys and enjoys because she has already worked and suffered a lot “added.

“I love you beautiful mommy, I NEVER MISS YOU. Happy Birthday, as you say: Maria Elena Quesquén de Yaipén: DO NOT CALL ME A WIDOW ” Yaipén concluded with a photo of his 19 years.

The cumbia group Team 5 will soon bring a new show with the renowned musicians of Marine water.

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