Christian’s ‘cursed’ boarding school from Denmark

Queen Margarina and Christian of Denmark / Gtres

The new generation of European royals has an international vocation. Whether they are heirs to the throne or not, the children of the current kings have chosen to carry out part of their studies outside the home. Elisabeth de los Belgas was one of the first and now it will be Leonor de Borbón and Alexia de Holanda who will take the witness in the same center, the Atlantic College of Wales. A school with a global vocation in which, incidentally, King William himself also studied. Although it has been striking that the Dutch heiress, Princess Amalia, did not follow in her father’s footsteps and preferred to stay home, the truth is that she is not the only one who makes a similar decision. The príncipe Christian, son of Frederick and Mary from Denmark, has also opted for an option that connects the possibilities of Amalia and her sister. Margarita’s grandson will be in the hospital next year, but he is just a few miles from home.

However, while Leonor and Alexia they will be able to enjoy the charms of St. Donat, defined by Bernard Shaw as. “What God would have built if he had the money”, and with an exemplary reputation,. The truth is that, in the case of Christian, the chosen center hides many dark secrets that we are now going to relate.

According to sources from the Royal House reported a few weeks ago, the grandson of Queen Margaret will begin classes at the Herlufsholm Gymnasium. It is an exclusive center about 100 kilometers from Copenhagen, located in an old monastery that was founded in the sixteenth century, specifically in the year 1565. So far nothing strange, if it were not because, apparently, the school has a long history of violence in its trajectory that has sparked a strong controversy.

This has been confirmed by the diario Expressen, which reveals that he calls it an ‘infamous boarding school’. According to the newspaper, the school, characterized by its Spartan style, has frequently applied violence, punishment and intimidation among its students over the years. But not only this.

The diario talks about the case of a guard who in 1994 he was stabbed in the vicinity of the center and shortly thereafter one of the nineteen-year-old students was charged with attempted murder. Finally, the young man was acquitted after an exhaustive investigation in which more than fifty witnesses were questioned.

Later, in 2006, another sixteen-year-old student was accused of raping a classmate of the same age and in 2016, a ninth-year student was accused of raping a student from a lower grade. However, the charges were dropped.

Prefect system

In the school a system of prefects is applied among the students. A system that has come under scrutiny at the Danish Agency for Education and Quality. In the spring of last year, the board visited the school and in a lengthy report pointed out to management that the role of the prefects could have a negative effect on the well-being of the students.

According to the management, the role of the prefects is to make sure that the students are well and, although the prefects do not have sanction options, the reality is different. In fact, they can impose punishments such as cleaning common areas, doing push-ups, not leaving their room … punishments that are considered out of place and that are supposed to no longer apply.

Queen Margarina and Christian of Denmark / Gtres
The Prince will start classes in the coming weeks / Gtres

A few years ago, a former student at the center gave an interview to a Danish newspaper in which he revealed the ‘horror’ he experienced at the school. Kasper Hansen spent three years in the center and remembers them as a real nightmare: “it promotes the character to be tough and brutal with other people,” he said. “You get brainwashed a bit going there. The whole world is about Herlufsholm, and everybody wants to be a prefect, ”declares former student Roar Tegsler. Kristian von Hornsleth, another of the former students, said in an interview to a Danish media that the experience had served him “to learn about how disgusting people can be to each other.” Perhaps now things have changed.

In any case, what is a reality is that the center has a reputation for being very demanding and several students have abandoned it shortly after starting. From the management they emphasize that it is a center in which they expect a lot from their students and, in addition, since last year it is required to do volunteer work and sports. Since 2020, there is also a requirement by the school that all its students must dedicate time to volunteer work and sports or other leisure activities.

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