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Christie Brinkley Enjoys Sun With Lookalike Daughter Sailor on Her 26th Birthday

Christie Brinkley Enjoys Sun With Lookalike Daughter Sailor on Her 26th Birthday

70-year-old Christie Brinkley was positively radiant as she celebrated her daughter Sailor on her 26th birthday. Brinkley, who is also the mother to Alexa Ray Joel and Jack Paris Brinkley Cook, shared words of adoration for Sailor in a photo in which Brinkley’s fans marvel at how alike the mother-daughter duo looks.

Sailor, born July 2, 1998, is the daughter of architect Peter Halsey Cook; he and Brinkley were together from 1996 to 2008. Sailor has already carved out a career for herself as a model, securing her big break thanks to a Teen Vogue editorial feature. She then went on to appear in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and Brinkley could not have been more proud.

Approaching the holiday weekend, Brinkley took to Instagram to share a sweet snap with Sailor, who she praised on her birthday. “The theme was a a night in Italy to celebrate Sailor’s Birthday!” she captioned the post, which was accompanied by sunny snaps of Brinkley and Sailor smiling from ear to ear in each other’s arms. The two appear in matching, mirrored poses with similarly long blonde hair flowing free. Their dresses are different but consistent with the theme of a summery evening party in tones of soft, warm yellow made of light, breezy fabric.

Additional photos and videos show the night was full of revelry from all in attendance.

“And the Summer evening was as Bellissima as my bambino Sailor Lee,” Brinkley went on to gush. “We celebrated under our great Kitchen Tree where strings of lights looked like twinkling stars that also filled the sky and along with the happy birthday candles collected wishes for Sailors new year to be her best one yet!”
Christie Brinkley celebrated her daughter Sailor on her 26th birthday / Instagram

Each of Brinkley’s children is from a different relationship, and each has taught Brinkley a valuable lesson, especially when it comes to observing what others might overlook.

“You learn so much from each child,” she mused in a May 2018 interview with Parade, “just getting an opportunity to see the world through their eyes. I have three real individuals. They all find magic in different places, and I feel so fortunate to be able to experience that.”
The mother-daughter duo often look like twins / Instagram

Sailor may be pursuing a similar career track as Mom, but she’s also become very familiar with all the pitfalls and hurdles characteristic of actually getting into modeling. Sailor., who attended Parsons School of Design, described her schooling experience as “crazy” and “stressful.”

Her mom, Sailor shared, has some sage advice: “Just to work hard. Stay grounded. Do your work. School first.”

“She’s taught me to look for the beauty in where I am and around me,” Sailor added. “That has helped me with optimism and happiness, especially living in New York City, which can sort of drain you and make you so cynical.
Brinkley has provided Sailor with valuable advice on life and what to prioritize / FSadou/AdMedia

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