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Christie Brinkley's Success: Former Michigan Girl's Stunning Mansion

Christie Brinkley’s Success: Former Michigan Girl’s Stunning Mansion

She was the blonde in the red Ferrari in National Lampoon’s Vacation, spent 25 years as the face for CoverGirl cosmetics, likely the most popular front cover model for Sports Illustrated, and married to Billy Joel. All of this, and she was born in Michigan.

Christie Brinkley was born in Monroe as Christie Lee Hudson in February 1954, to Marjorie and Herbert Hudson. Her time spent in Michigan, however, was extremely brief. When she was only a year old, her family packed up and moved to Los Angeles, California.

The circumstances remain unclear, but Marjorie and Herbert split up not long after moving. Herbert remarried in 1963 and divorced again in 1968. Marjorie’s second marriage was more enduring. She married Don Brinkley in the early 1960s, who adopted Christie and her brother Greg. Don was a very successful television writer and producer, contributing to hit programs like The Fugitive, Highway Patrol, Trapper John M.D., Perry Mason, The Untouchables, and many others.

Unfortunately, there is very little information available about Christie’s one year in Monroe, Michigan. The house address remains elusive, and specifics regarding her infant life from 1954-1955 are almost impossible to find. It can be speculated that her Monroe home was likely humble and middle class, a stark contrast to her current mansion in Long Island, New York.

Despite the lack of details about her early life in Monroe, information and photos of Christie can be found everywhere. In fact, let’s take a virtual tour of her Long Island home in the Hamptons to see how a little baby from a middle-class family in Monroe, Michigan, ended up living in such grandeur.

Inside Christie Brinkley’s Mansion


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