Christopher Meloni Embraces His “Sexy Daddy” Reputation With These Sizzling Photos

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Christopher Meloni Embraces His "Sexy Daddy" Reputation With These Sizzling Photos

Believe us, you never saw the eternal Ellito Stabler like this …

Christopher Meloni is kicking off this summer with a hot photoshoot, and we can’t look away.

The actor of Law and orderNow 60, she posed in a series of very hot Polaroid photos for the magazine Interview, Wednesday, June 9. The images show her bulging arms, hairy abs, daring tattoos, love of pizza, and her sense of fashion.

Meloni models in tank tops and reclines in an armchair, acknowledging her own appeal.

When asked about being “sexy,” the father of two replied, “I’ve been called that a lot, and who am I to argue? Sure, I’m a sexy daddy.” (He and his 25-year-old wife, Doris Sherman Williams, share their children Sophia, 20 years old, and Dante, of 17).

He also admitted that “he’s been blessed with glutes that have an attractive shape.” As he explained, “I have a trainer and we are going through phases of bodybuilding, and where everyone surprised me was that I had been training for a year on a very high intensity weight training program that actually focused on the legs.”

The star of Man of Steel She knows her body is popular with fans, adding, “I guess you could argue that the butt-looking public is now reaping the benefits of all that hard work.”

Clifton Mooney/Interview Magazine

However, Meloni is aware that fans of Law and order they are not completely satisfied. In fact, she responded to those who wish for something to happen between her character Elliot and Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia, asking bluntly, “Are you thirsty to see your relationship consummate?” And he continued, “That’s like asking me to try to stop the northbound train by leaning back on the track. That’s a third rail question.”

Clifton Mooney/Interview Magazine

“I really mean it, I’m not being weird or cautious, I just think it’s unfair and it’s out of my power to answer that,” he told E! News. “That’s what I loved about the moment. It’s an interpretive moment. It was specifically written that way for a question like that.”

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