Chrome OS: Find suitable applications and workflows

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Those who switch from the Windows world may find the system getting used to when opening a Chromebook for the first time. That goes away quickly, because thanks to countless improvements that Google has made in recent years, Chrome OS is no longer just a browser disguised as an operating system. If you know the right tricks, you can work with Chromebooks just as quickly, for a long time and safely – just differently.

At second glance, Chrome OS is even more flexible than other operating systems in some ways: You can install a total of four different types of apps or applications. Theoretically, even Windows programs start on Chromebooks – but this sometimes does not work well and is therefore not a real alternative.

In the following we show which app type is best suited for which purpose and use case and how you can get the most out of Chrome OS with slight changes to your workflow. We also examine where Chrome OS is lagging behind other systems and how some restrictions can ideally be circumvented.

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