Chucky: trailer and date of the terrifying return of the Devil Doll in serial form

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Chucky, the new TV series based on the popular horror film franchise Devil Doll (Child’s Play), is finally seen in a generous and bloody trailer that you can see heading this news on the occasion of Comic-Con, also confirming its release date in the United States through SyFy. Thus, this new series starring the most famous murder toy in cinema will premiere next October 12 °, with the date for Spain yet to be determined.

The return of the most evil doll

Thus, the return of Chucky to the small screen comes from its original creator, Don Mancini, which has wanted to give continuity to the original film saga (also ignoring the most recent reboot of the franchise), thus recovering the most classic diabolical doll; in every sense. And it is that far from creating a digital Chucky for all the footage, it has chosen to bet on animatronics in a good part of the scenes, thus giving a more retro air if possible to the series.

The plot takes us to a quiet town in the United States where the bloodiest crimes coinciding with the appearance of a Chucky doll in a market, also betting on resounding returns of the original saga, both allies and enemies of the bloody children’s doll. Although everything will go haywire when Chucky falls into the hands of a young man whom he will begin to manipulate to carry out the most heinous cold-blooded murders …

Will not miss the classic dark humor of the saga, as well as the original voice of Chucky by the hand of de Brad Dourif, with returns like those of Jennifer Tilly like Tiffany, Fiona Dourif as Nica Pierce, Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay and Christine elise like Kyle, in addition to the presence of the actor Devon Sawa, famous for another famous horror saga like Final Destination.

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Chucky, which will follow the plot of the original films and which will surely be an event for their fans, is scheduled to premiere on the channel SyFy the next October 12, 2021. At the moment there is no release date in Spain, although it should not differ much from the US date.

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