Cillian Murphy almost lost the role of Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders because of another actor

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Peaky Blinders it is a worldwide success. Although it is not originally from Netflix, it was its arrival on the platform that made it a global rage. And now, thousands of fans are eagerly awaiting season six. As much as it is the last of the series, it will once again have the best-known faces of fiction and Cillian Murphy is one of them. The actor will again put himself in the shoes of Tommy Shelby.

Cillian Murphy enchanted all the followers of Peaky Blinders with his incredible portrayal of this powerful gangster. However, the truth is that initially, creator Steven Knight did not want him for the role. It often happens that, before filming, the showrunners feel insecure with the person they chose as the protagonist or do not see the ideal traits for the character.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened to Knight when it came to contacting Murphy for the role. As the artist himself confessed, the director did not see him threatening to be Tommy Shelby, a powerful family head and succumbed to criminal life. So much so that in his mind there was another actor who had nothing to do with Cillian Murphy.

Although today it is impossible to imagine Peaky Blinders without Murphy the reality is that in the beginning who was going to be Shelby was Jason Sthatam. “I met them both in Los Angeles to talk about the role and I opted for Jason. Cillian, when you meet him, he’s not Tommy obviously, but I was stupid enough not to understand that.”, confesó Steven Knight.

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What’s more, it should be noted that now Cillian seems to be to his liking since not only did he star in all six seasons of the British drama, but he will also be the main head of the film of Peaky Blinders. With a shoot set to begin in 2023, this film will be the final closure of the most dangerous gangsters in the United Kingdom.

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