Cillian Murphy’s family bond with a Peaky Blinders co-star

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Peaky Blinders It is one of the most famous series worldwide. The story, starring Cillian Murphy, follows the Shelby brothers who lead a gang of gangsters in England in 1913. Filled with drama, action and a unique setting, the strip already has five seasons which were completely successful. In addition, since it came to Netflix, the broadcast was unstoppable.

However, due to the pandemic, Peaky Blinders it was greatly affected. As with several productions, the process of creating the sixth season was delayed more than necessary. In fact, the cast was able to resume their work only this year and until next 2022 the BBC drama will not be available again on the television channel or on digital platforms.

So much so that, in what comes the next edition of Peaky Blinders, many fans recalled certain rumors surrounding the protagonist, Cillian Murphy. The actor, who plays Tommy Shelby, has a long career, but it was undoubtedly this character that catapulted him to international fame. And, as happens to all the actors who become known worldwide, the speculations in their environment cannot be absent.

Although, now, the one that emerged has nothing to do with a scandal far from it, in fact, Murphy is one of the lowest-profile artists in Hollywood. But he still couldn’t shake off the gossip. Is that, now the actor was related to a colleague of his who was found on the set of Peaky Blinders. During the fourth season a new character appeared in the drama: Jessie Eden, who is played by Charlie Murphy.

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In the series, Jessie Eden is an intense and enigmatic member of the English Communist Party, a leader in the struggles for the rights of working class women and men. But, despite the fact that her character was emblematic, what most attracted attention was the last name of the actress, which coincides with that of the protagonist. Both, with the surname Murphy, began to be the target of rumors that they were family and, for that reason, the relationship they had in the series was highly criticized.

However, it should be noted that Cillian Murphy and Charlie Murphy have nothing to do with each other. The only two coincidences they have in their life is the same last name and that they are both Irish. In addition, of course, the fact that they share a profession and, until the fifth season, they worked together. Now, by the sixth, it is likely that the role that she had will not appear again.

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