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Cindy Crawford, 58, Stuns in Leather Jacket She First Wore at Age 20

Cindy Crawford celebrated the 20th anniversary of her skincare company, Meaningful Beauty, in a nostalgic way by donning a black leather jacket from when she was 20. The aim was to share her appearance then versus now at 58, demonstrating that age is merely a number for her.

Cindy looked stunning, keeping her wavy brown hair to the side while glancing away from the camera with a soft smile. She encouraged her fans to share their own side-by-side photos from when they were 20 and now. “Happy birthday to MB! Thank you all for keeping us going!” she added.

Cindy expressed gratitude to her team for helping build the company to a value of $500 million. “Learning so much about beauty and business— and helping women feel their best at every age,” she noted, reflecting the brand’s mission to boost women’s confidence with healthy, glowing skin.

Fans quickly filled the comments with praise and warm wishes, celebrating the co-founder and marveling at how youthful she still looks after four decades. One follower wrote, “Wow. What a company you built. So inspiring what you have created. Congratulations Cindy and Team,” while another added, “You’re an inspiration to me every day.”

Cindy created Meaningful Beauty after experiencing a treatment of super antioxidants from a rare melon in the South of France, administered by cosmetic specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Impressed by the results, she decided to recreate the experience for thousands of women, in collaboration with Dr. Sebagh, who co-owns the company.

Besides using her effective skincare products for glowing, youthful skin, Cindy maintains a healthy diet rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. She also starts each day with warm lemon water to stay hydrated and nourish her body with vitamin C. Instead of reaching for junk food, the mother of two snacks on veggies, almonds, and fruits to satisfy her cravings.

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