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Cindy Crawford Discusses Her Changing Face, Beauty Routine, and Botox

Cindy Crawford Discusses Her Changing Face, Beauty Routine, and Botox

Cindy Crawford’s Views on Ageing and Beauty

Cindy Crawford has always been stunning, and at the age of 58, nothing has changed. But she’s making it clear that while people may comment on how she looks for her age, she has no interest in cosmetic surgery or tweakments.

“I was not interested in changing my face”, she said in an interview with the New York Times, as she shared her experience with anti-ageing methods.
Cindy in 2021 © Getty

While in the past the supermodel has done Botox, she has done it less and less over the years because she wants her forehead to match the rest of her face.

But she does maintain a rigorous routine in terms of keeping herself looking fresh. Cindy regularly uses radio frequency, microneedling, infrared sauna, cold plunge, and a red light mask. Every morning, she does dry brushing and lymphatic drainage on herself, followed by using a gua sha.

“I’ll do those kinds of things, but in the end, I truly haven’t seen anything that’s made such a huge difference that I like on anyone,” Cindy said pragmatically of her routine.
Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista stand onstage during Vogue World: London at Theatre Royal Drury Lane on September 14, 2023, in London, England © Getty Images

She added, “I’m 58, part of me would want to not be doing magazines or photo shoots. If you want to scroll through your comments, you will find really mean things. But they’re not meaner than you’ve thought about yourself.”

Considering the reality of ageism in the fashion and beauty industry, Cindy has questioned whether in giving up modeling she would be complicit in a “message to women that we need to hang it up at a certain age.”
Cindy has opened up about anti-ageing and her beauty routine © @cindycrawford Instagram

This isn’t the first time Cindy has meditated on ageism, as she called out comments on Instagram asking why she was still doing photoshoots – including nude ones – in her 50s.

She asked, “Is there an age where being nude isn’t beautiful? It’s just a different kind of beauty”, adding: “That is part of the reason I still do shoots.”

But while she remains a hard working supermodel, she admits that it is “a little harder” on shoots, as she joked: “I hope this is politically correct, but sometimes I say I need Viagra for shoots. It’s harder to get it up.”

Cindy’s daughter Kaia Gerber has followed in her footsteps as a model – but she has previously stated that she tries to avoid giving her two kids, including son Presley Gerber, her unsolicited opinions.

“They know if they ask me, they’re going to get my real opinion,” she told People. “But if they don’t ask me… I really try hard, and I’m probably about 70 percent good at this… I try not to offer unsolicited advice.”

Source: New York Times, Getty Images, People