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Claim to Fame Season 3, Episode 1: Who Got Eliminated?

Claim to Fame Season 3, Episode 1: Who Got Eliminated?

The show “Claim to Fame” is back for its third season, offering a fresh dose of excitement as 11 contestants, each related to an A-list celebrity, compete to keep their familial ties secret. Set in a glamorous Hollywood mansion, the objective is simple: maintain secrecy about their celebrity relative to win a $100,000 prize. The contestant who manages to keep their relative’s identity hidden until the end claims the victory.

In the premiere episode, the contestants participated in a talent show, an event that doubled as their introduction to each other and a chance to glean clues about their competitors. Just a few hours into the game, it was clear that the challenge would be more intense than ever. One contestant had their cover blown, making them the first to exit the mansion.

The unlucky contestant this week was Bianca. Struggling in the talent show, she found herself having to identify the celebrity relative of a fellow participant based on limited clues. Armed with only two truths and a lie, some time with the clue wall, and her intuition, Bianca guessed that Shane was related to Forest Whitaker. However, she was incorrect. As a result, she had no choice but to reveal her own identity: she is the niece of Robin Roberts, the longtime host of “Good Morning America.” Consequently, Bianca was eliminated in the first week.

As part of the show’s tradition, a heartwarming message from her famous relative, Robin Roberts, appeared on the screen for the remaining contestants to see. Roberts’s words offered comfort and encouragement to her niece, setting the tone for other similar messages to be shared throughout the season as more contestants get eliminated.

With Bianca’s departure, ten contestants still remain in the running. Here are the remaining participants:

Gracie Lou

The show promises more drama, suspense, and intriguing revelations as these contestants continue to vie for the grand prize while navigating alliances, rivalries, and the ever-present risk of discovery. With their celebrity connections on the line, viewers can expect a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises at every turn.

“Claim to Fame” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Stay tuned to find out which celebrity relatives are next to be unveiled and who will ultimately keep their secret the longest to win that coveted $100,000 prize.

Source: ABC