Claire Foy’s worst moment while filming The Crown for Netflix

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If you talk about the most popular series in the history of Netflix, it cannot be left out of the list The Crown. Throughout the four seasons released so far, the fiction created by Peter Morgan functioned as a chronicle of the life of the Queen isabel II since the 1940s. And someone who knew how to leave her mark with her performance was the actress Claire Foy. However, she did not have such a good time in some moments of the shoot.

Anyone who has seen at least the first few seasons will recognize the actress as the one who heads the story in the shoes of the queen. His chemistry with Matt Smith, the interpreter who personifies the Príncipe Phillip, it is completely undeniable. It was precisely in the scenes where the intimacy of the couple where some were exposed racy moments. The truth is that there are not so many, since it is a situation that made the actress uncomfortable.

Claire Foy’s fans have noted that there are indeed a few snippets from her new series A Very British Scandal where this theme is touched much more thoroughly. Regarding this question, the British woman mentioned how she felt about filming sex scenes that are later seen on screen. It was in dialogue with the BBC that he admitted the so negative feelings that he experiences in those moments on set.

It is a very complex situation because basically you feel exploited when you are a woman and you have to practice fake sex on televisionFoy began. And I add: “You can’t help but feel exploited. It’s grim, it’s the scariest thing you can do. You feel exposed and although everyone can try not to make you feel that way, unfortunately it is the reality.”.

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The actress recognizes that these scenes are sometimes necessary to tell the story either in The Crown o en A Very British Scandal. It is for this reason that a member of the team appointed as a privacy coordinator During production, make sure that the actors feel as comfortable as possible. However, she maintains that she has felt very uncomfortable and that she avoids sexually charged content.

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