“Clarifying Macaulay and Kieran Culkin’s Relationship: Succession Actor Sets the Record Straight on Whether Their Children Know Each Other”

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Succession fans are already enjoying the new season of their favorite series, although they do so with a trace of sadness because this will be the last installment of the fiction. The followers are not prepared to say goodbye to the characters with whom they have shared so many moments, something for which the actors were not ready either, who recorded these chapters without knowing that it was the end.

Kieran Culkin, from Succession, talks about his relationship with his brother Macaulay

The entire cast has gathered for the premiere that has been held in New York. An event that could not miss one of its protagonists, Kieran Culkin, who, on his way down the red carpet, where he has been accompanied by his wife, Jazz Charton, in addition to talking about his work, has been honest as never before about his family and his brother Macaulay.

In fiction, Kieran Culkin gets into the skin of Roman Roy, Logan’s third son (Brian Cox), -head of the family and owner of Waystar Royco, one of the largest media and entertainment conglomerates in the world- is the youngest and assumes his responsibilities without the slightest illusion. He is a biting, joking, funny guy and has no filter, although all of his comedy is a way of protecting himself and not letting anyone get into his true feelings. Humor is a shell that arises from his loneliness.

Now, the Fargo interpreter has had to say goodbye to a character who has given him great joy (and several Golden Globe nominations). A goodbye that he has recognized that he found out practically at the last minute, and just before facing the filming of what was the last episode of one of the most acclaimed series of recent years.

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Although he has stated that he would have liked the project to be extended for one more season because “it has been the best work of my career and I was not ready to process it”, he has also assured that he is satisfied because Roman has had “a terrific ending”.

Kieran, 40, is enjoying a great professional moment, but he is also triumphing in his intimate facet, a plot that, like his older brother, he prefers carry with great discretion. On such an exciting day with the premiere of the final touch of fiction, the artist has opened up and talked about some personal aspects and about his relationship with Macaulay.

Kieran married Jazz Charton in 2013, a British sound technician of French origin whom he met in a bar in New York a year earlier. Together they are the parents of two children: Kinsey Sioux, affectionately known as Zissou, who came into the world in September 2019, and the little one, Wilder, who is a year and a half old.

For his part, Macaulay has just become a father for the second time after a very private pregnancy with his wife, actress Brenda Song. Both brothers are very focused on their own families, which is why the protagonist of The Father of the Bride has acknowledged that he has not yet been able to meet the new member of the Culkin family.

“The cousins ​​live in Los Angeles, and we in New York. I have a three-year-old girl and a one-year-old, and with how busy I am I can’t get on a plane to go,” Kieran explained honestly, who has also added that “I have not yet met baby number two and they have not met my second either because we simply have not been able to balance it”, making it clear that it is not because of a bad relationship between them but because of a matter of agendas.

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The 42-year-old Home Alone star and Brenda Song, who began their relationship in 2017, welcomed their first child in April 2021, at They called Dakota Song Culkin, in honor of the deceased sister of Macaulay and Kieran, who lost her life in 2008, at just 29 years of age, after being hit by a vehicle when she fell on the road when she was walking.

Shortly before the Christmas holidays, they expanded the family with the arrival of Carson, their second child, a birth that, true to the couple’s discretion, lasted three months after the little one came into the world, something that also happened with his older sister. At that time they confirmed the news through a statement where they claimed to feel “full of joy”. Very jealous of their privacy, the interpreters have not shown images of their children, but the former Disney girl does share photographs from time to time, giving a good account of the fact that her love story is going from strength to strength.

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