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Claudia Jordan Discloses Her Health Symptoms

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 star Claudia Jordan is sending a serious warning about COVID-19. After spending the last few weeks in LA for work and the 2024 BET Awards celebrations, the talk show host came down with the virus. “Yall be careful being outside. COVID is def trying to spin the block. Sick as hell over here,” she captioned a post of a positive COVID-19 test on Instagram.

“I know a lot of people were very close to me in LA and I’m sure I picked it up out there or on the plane ride back with people coughing and never covering their mouths. But this one was very bad. I been in bed since Monday and I’m very dizzy, light headed, weak and have had chills to the point I has to sleep with a heating pad on me to get warm in the middle of summer. This stuff is NO JOKE,” she added.

Jordan, who was most recently the creator and host of a series of talk shows on FOX SOUL, says it’s not the first time she’s had the virus. But she does say the symptoms wreak havoc. She listed her symptoms as follows: “Sore throat, Chills, Headaches, Body aches, Shortness of breath, Coughing, Sniffles, Coughing up stuff, Dizziness and light headed, Feeling faint, Blurry vision, And this extra weird symptom I never had before – heat rash on my tummy and red patches on the sides of my chest. Like a burn. Very very weird!”

Jordan, 50, has been in the news and blogs a lot lately amid behind-the-scenes turmoil for her show T.G.I.F. She began work with the network in 2019 by hosting her show Out Loud With Claudia Jordan. From there, she hosted a quarantine show alongside Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson, and LisaRaye McCoy titled Cocktails With Queens. Her latest show was hosted alongside Al Reynolds and Quinten “FUnky Dineva” Latham. Latham exited the show and another host, Armon Wiggins, took Latham’s spot.

It didn’t last long. The turmoil behind-the-scenes was brought front and center, and across social media. Last week, Jordan announced the show was canceled.

Source: PopCulture