Clean slate? Jacky is sincere and apologizes in Acapulco Shore

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The season 8 of Acapulco Shore It is ending. Of the 12 episodes that are prepared, 10 have already aired, but that does not mean that there are still things to be surprised in this incredible summer mansion. The shores are even going for more and will not skimp on anything when it comes to the end of the installment. The reality show continues to be one of the most watched on MTV and will even have its Brazilian version called River shore.

It will be a new adaptation, since Acapulco is actually based on the American program Jersey Shore. However, what the Latin series achieved was an unthinkable audience record that allowed it to be broadcast from 2014 to now and, of course, with the possibility of continuing. Even airing simultaneously on Paramount +. Now the episode 10 of the series had everything. Y Jacky was one of the protagonists. Sight.

Jacky apologized in episode 10 of Acapulco Shore 8

If there was a conflicting character in season 8 of Acapulco Shore that, without a doubt, was Jacky. Since the new installment began, the young woman had conflicts with half a mansion, including Isa and Alba. In fact, she was about to be kicked out of the shore mansion because there was no way she could get along with someone. Finally, in episode 10, Jacky was given the opportunity to reconsider and even open up in the face of shores.

Between drinks and celebration, she apologized for “being impulsive” and admitted that she likes “everyone more than okay.” The truth is that what I would like to change about myself is not to get so angry. I mean, I’m very impulsive and I apologize if I screwed up, but the reality is that I like everyone. I don’t know if they like me, but I do “Jacky said as she received the support of her peers.

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So the truce finally came to Acaculco Shore and with the last evening there was peace. On the other hand, in the chapter it was also time to say goodbye to Me, who chose to leave the reality show. “I have very good experiences with me. There are people with whom I have connected and others who have not. But in reality there are times when I do not meet”, he expressed before the tears of several shores.


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