“Cleaning Help: People Who Come to Your House for a Tidy Up”

Camilo Blanes, the only son of the late Spanish singer Camilo Sesto, made headlines at the beginning of the week when he came out about his transition and new identity as Sheila Devil. In an interview, Camilín explained that he has always identified with his current gender and denied any hatred towards being his father’s son. In addition, he shared images of his new teeth and long wig, as well as photos of his lavish home in Torrelodones, northwest of Madrid.

However, some fans expressed concern over the cluttered state of his home that was featured in the photos, with clothes and objects scattered throughout. While some fans scolded him for his carelessness, others urged him to take care of his drug abuse problem, which has caused accidents and led him to the hospital. Camilo is the universal heir to his father’s fortune, and fans encouraged him to listen to his mother and family and make positive changes to avoid negative consequences.

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