“Clearing the Air: José Joel Confirms Sergio Mayer’s Documentation for Royalty Collection from José José”

José Joel Refutes Sergio Mayer’s Version of Events

José Joel Sosa, the eldest son of late singer José José, has refuted the version of events presented by Sergio Mayer on the reality show ‘La casa de los famosos’. Mayer had denied helping José José with the intention of personal gain, such as obtaining royalties from the singer’s profession. José Joel, however, claims that there was an exchange involved, stating: “All the number with this little man Mayer where of course there is an exchange signing, where ‘Don José I support him, I help him, but sign me, but give me I don’t know what’.”

José Joel Reveals the Situation with Digital Royalties

During the show ‘An applause for love in honor of José José’, José Joel shed light on the situation that prevented José José from receiving money for his work. He stated that a document signing for digital royalties, specifically for the singer’s YouTube channel, took place. José Joel claims that if Sergio Mayer owes anything, he should pay it. He also mentioned the existence of signed documents granting Sergio the authority to collect and manage royalties on behalf of his father.

José Joel Discusses Settling Monetary Debts

José Joel revealed that the royalties received from the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) have been used to settle some of the monetary debts that his father acquired in his lifetime. He explained that in the later years of his life, José José relied on advances from his work to manage his financial obligations. The current royalties are being used to continue paying off those debts.

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José Joel Shows Support for Sarita Sosa

Finally, José Joel expressed his support for his half-sister Sarita Sosa after the release of her musical single ‘I miss you’, dedicated to their father. José Joel recognized Sarita’s talent and her rightful place in the family, stating that there is an undeniable biological connection between them and that they all excel in their musical abilities.

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