Clever Trick to Avoid Storage Woes: Stop Smart Downloads from YouTube

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Enjoying YouTube Content with Premium System

YouTube is a platform that provides access to different content creators and favorite music artists. Everyone can access the videos when they want them. But, users who contracted the premium system have unique features that they can enjoy.

Smart Download Function in YouTube

One of the most interesting options in YouTube Premium is the Smart download function. This allows users to continue consuming the content by allowing the app to download recommended videos automatically so they can watch it later, even without an internet connection. Though, users must be aware that these downloads may take up storage space on their mobile.

Customize Smart Download on YouTube

For users who want to save their device’s storage space, they can control the Smart Download function’s quality by following these steps:

  • Turn on the mobile and open YouTube
  • Go to the Library section
  • Select downloads
  • Click on the three points and go to Settings
  • Click on the switch of the Smart Downloads to turn off
  • Customize the Smart download function by selecting the quality in which the downloads can be made.

Customizing the downloaded videos’ quality can utilize less storage space on the device. This feature is only available for YouTube Premium users.

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