Clint Eastwood returns to direct at 91: chronology of a career full of successes

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There is no doubt that Clint Eastwood is one of the most important figures of The academy, both as a director and an actor. This week, hand in hand with Warner Bros. Pictures will be released Cry Macho, the production that not only leads but of which also takes the threads with 91 years. A tireless director who in recent years gave films such as Richard Jewell, The Mule and Sully.

Cry Macho is a work inspired by the 1975 novel written by Nathan Nash. Originally born as a movie script, it was rejected and ended up in book form, which is how it was eventually sold to fit the big screen with names like those of Pierce Brosnan and Arnold Schwarzenegger to be starred. Finally, it was Clint Eastwood the one that could fulfill the wish of the author who died in the year 2000.

The story is set in 1979 and focuses on the life of Mike Milo, a former rodeo star who is dedicated to raising horses. His life will change forever when he agrees to take a child from Mexico to Texas on a journey that, according to his official synopsis, he will find “Unexpected connections and his own sense of redemption”. Before the premiere of this Thursday, we will tell you which are the three best films of Clint Eastwood according IMDb and where you can see them.

Unforgiven (1992)

Clint was nominated for Best Actor for the film. (IMDb)

Unforgiven is the first movie for which Clint Eastwood was recognized by The academy both for his role as director and with a Oscar for Best Film. With the title of No forgiveness for Latin America, it focuses on the story of three prostitutes who are attacked by two cowboys, and one of them ends up disfigured. For this reason, they will collect a thousand dollars to offer a reward to whoever ends the lives of the two criminals who ruined their lives. The tape is available in HBO Max.

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Gran Torino (2008)

great turin clint eastwood

Since Gran Torino, Clint has only acted in 4 films, including Cry Macho. (IMDb)

Until the arrival of American Sniper in 2014, Gran Torino It was one of the last tapes for which Eastwood gained greater recognition. The story, available both in Amazon Prime Video like in HBO Max, focuses on the life of Walt Kowalski, a veteran of the Korean War with great prejudice towards the immigrants in his neighborhood and bitter about how changed the place where he lives is. It is his Gran Torino from ’72 that becomes the element that changes everything, when a gang tries to steal it.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

clint eastwood hilary swank million dollar baby

For Million Dollar Baby he received his last nomination as an actor. (IMDb)

The movie starring Hilary Swank focuses on the relationship between a boxer and her coach (Eastwood). It is a bond that begins with complications, since Frankie, the teacher, refuses to teach a girl the secrets of this sport, but the bond is transformed into a paternal one that allows him to Maggie (Swank) growing up as a boxer until an accident changes everything. The film is part of the catalog of Amazon Prime Video.

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