Closed malicious code loopholes in Qnap NAS

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If you have a network storage (NAS) from Qnap, you should update the system in the settings and the installed applications in the App Center. Otherwise, malware could end up on devices.

For example, attackers could use outdated versions of the QTS and QuTS Hero operating systems to execute malicious code. The versions from QTS build 20211221, QTS build 20211223 and QuTS hero h5.0.0.1892 build 20211222 should be armed against assure the developers in a post.

Attackers could also push malicious code onto systems via vulnerabilities in the QVR Elite, QVR Pro and QVR Guard surveillance systems. Here is the update to QVR Elite, QVR Pro and QVR Guard remedy.

The calendar application QcalAgent is vulnerable to XSS attacks. That’s in the Version 1.1.7 repaired. Qnap does not explain how attacks could work. The manufacturer classifies the risk emanating from the first two gaps as “high” one.


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