Closer and closer: Henry Cavill is already in talks with Marvel

Closer and closer: Henry Cavill is already in talks with Marvel

Today we have various actors in major Hollywood productions, but few are as beloved as it is. Henry Cavill. By donning the Superman costume in the DC Extended Universe, he won the affection of much of the public, although now his future seems to be closer to the path across the street: the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is no news that the link between the interpreter and Warner Bros. did not end in the best way, as he was fired from the DCEU after he refused to make a cameo in Shazam! and the 2017 Justice League outcome is not positive. In recent days it was said that the production company plans a return in the film Black Adam with Dwayne The Rock Johnson and we will have to wait if that possibility is realized.

Henry has already shown what it can do in superhero tapes, and that’s why the MCU laid eyes on him, as reported by Daniel Ricthman. The first leaks assure that he called Kevin Feige after WB announced that they are looking for a new Superman and the president of the franchise has two roles in mind for him: Captain britania Y Hercules, with the chance that it has an appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Now the site Small Screen ensures through direct sources that Cavill was seen at the Marvel Studios offices located in London, England. According to the report, He entered with several people to finalize the details of his next role and speak “face to face” with people who are interested in him, since he has a very particular method when it comes to taking on a role: producers must be 100% convinced to hire him.

One point in favor for him MCU is that they have a good reputation in terms of relationships with their stars, and it is something that the actor did not find in Warner Bros. At the moment no official voice has confirmed this, but it is expected that in the coming weeks there will be important news. In the meantime, Henry Cavill has several projects ahead: restarting Highlander, Argylle with Dua Lipa and will return to be Sherlock Holmes in the sequel to Enola Holmes.


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