Cloud-native: launches new API gateway for Gloo Mesh

Share your love, a provider of cloud-native tools, has released version 1.1 of its enterprise product Gloo Mesh, adding an API gateway to the Istio-based ecosystem. According to an announcement in the company blog, Gloo Mesh Gateway also includes a Kubernetes Ingress Controller for controlling and managing services. Previously, the API and the service mesh components were separate technologies that had to be configured and managed separately (in different control planes).

The Solo team promises users that they can configure Gloo Mesh as a layered gateway with differentiated policies and administrative routines for different areas of the clusters under supervision. Alternatively, setting up as a virtual gateway is apparently also possible. Solo has summarized the combination of Gloo Mesh Core and the new gateway under the name “Gloo Mesh Enterprise”, and the unified product will include functions for serverless computing, access to a developer portal and assistance on how to avoid data loss. Overall, the configuration and operation of the services managed with Gloo in Kubernetes environments should now be easier, as the Solo team promises.

In addition to external authentication, in which the API gateways serve as a control point for incoming connection requests, the Istio API gateway Gloo Mesh, according to Solo, offers more complex multi-cluster ingress for configuring multiple ingress options across different clusters, which are apparently located in a VirtualGateway let aggregate. The gateway is intended to work together with the observability component, which is contained in the core features of the Gloo platform. In addition, users can set up different gateways for different namespaces. According to their own statements, the Solo team is planning more long-term support than before, and on the user side, the announcement promises a revised observability.

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Under the hood, Gloo Mesh is the open source software Istio, which was originally developed by Google. The corresponding API product is called Gloo Edge and is based on the open source project Envoy, which in turn was designed by the provider of the transport service app Lyft. According to the manufacturer, Gloo Mesh Enterprise is merging the Istio plug-in concept with Envoy. According to the blog entry, Gloo Edge supports the popular REST APIs, but it does not yet support GraphQL APIs. According to research by TechCrunch, Solo plans to support GraphQL on the Gloo platform in the future.

Gloo Mesh had reached the first major version in March 2021, the API gateway Gloo has been ready for production since November 2019. Details about the current release can be found see the blog entry at


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