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Cloudflare plans to offer customers email routing and anti-phishing configurations

Cloudflare, which offers enterprise internet security services, is expanding its offering to include email security. Users of the service should now be able to create custom e-mail addresses free of charge, manage incoming e-mails and prevent e-mail spoofing and phishing for outgoing e-mails.

Independent of previous email hosting providers such as Gmail or Hosted Exchange wants Giving Cloudflare customers more control over their email. New tools are to be used to protect against spammers and cyber fraudsters. This could be particularly beneficial for small businesses. Many want e-mail addresses with custom domains, but these are often still managed via private user accounts.

Users should now be able to use one mailbox for multiple accounts with their custom domain email address. With [Name]@[Ihr Unternehmen].com Mail can now be automatically forwarded to an account. In addition, Cloudflare wants to offer tools with which owners of an email address can better protect themselves against phishing and spam.

In addition to a filter for incoming emails, Cloudflare also wants to offer a relay that filters outgoing emails. With the DNS Wizard for e-mail security, name entries for the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) can be configured with one click to prevent forgery of sender addresses.

Another innovation is that Cloudflare automatically displays warnings and recommended actions if the email with the DNS provider is insufficiently configured. To secure a domain against phishing and spoofing attacks, in which strangers pretend to be someone else, the company wants to help users with the correct creation of DNS entries. All of these measures are intended to prevent attackers from sending malicious emails with the domain name. who If you want to get early access to the Advanced Email Security Suite, you can register with Cloudflare.


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