Clubhouse: Listening without an app and more functions for sharing

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The creators of the talk app Clubhouse have activated new functions on the occasion of the turn of the year. Among other things, users should now be able to share interesting conversations much more easily, conversation initiators will have more diagnostic data available and at least for the USA the function will be introduced to be able to call up clubhouse discussions without a clubhouse app in the browser.

The improvements to the “Share” button include more options to inform friends or followers about interesting discussion groups. If you are currently part of an audience, you can advertise the discussion within the clubhouse, a social network or using a messaging app and do this with a brief reference to the content. Sharing also works if you listen to a recorded discussion (“replay”) and discover interesting content there.

People who open their own meeting rooms should now also receive more data about their “rooms”. For example, you can see counts showing how often the conversation is shared. But more values ​​should be added.

According to the clubhouse these functions should be added with updates this week for iOS and Android.

Listening to discussions without a clubhouse app via common browsers is still classified by the company as particularly experimental (warnings are given of bugs!) And will only be activated for the USA only. The “Web Listening” is possible for live discussions and replays and should also work without an account at Clubhouse. If the “experiment” is successful, browser listening will also be introduced in other countries.

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With its new functions, Clubhouse is significantly expanding access to its offers and wants to make itself more visible via the share function. The app started in 2020 only on iOS devices and users could only be added via exclusive invitations. Clubhouse for Android devices followed in late spring 2021. For a long time the app could only be used in English. A language update followed in autumn 2021.

With this successive opening up and now also the experimental use without an app and account, the service could attract significantly more interested parties. Clubhouse could thus also take the step to establish itself as another very specialized social network – such as Twitter with its specialty of postings with a limited number of characters (= tweets). However, both the meta-group, with Facebook and Instagram, as well as Twitter began cannibalizing the clubhouse offering when the app celebrated its first successes. Discussions are already part of these long-established platforms. On Twitter, the “Spaces” were quickly introduced as a test before the end of 2020 and Meta promised a very broad audio strategy in spring 2021, which the company is also diligently pursuing.

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