CNMC approves the remuneration of 82 million of the electricity system operator

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The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has approved the resolution establishing the remuneration of the electricity system operator for 2023, which amounts to 82.6 million euros, and the prices to the agents for its financing.

To this end, the remuneration parameters of the second regulatory period, 2023-2025, are established. The remuneration base will remain constant for successive regulatory periods, although it may be revised in the event that new obligations are assigned to the system operator, as indicated by the CNMC.

The remuneration of the electricity system operator for 2023 amounts to 82.6 million euros. This amount includes an estimate of the incentive remuneration term (which remains at 2%), consistent with a maximum level of compliance, to which an adjustment will be made according to the level of compliance.

Likewise, this remuneration incorporates the balance of the regulatory account whose objective is to cover the cost derived from the possible new regulatory obligations, both at national and European level, that may be assigned to the system operator throughout the next regulatory period.

These costs must subsequently be reliably accredited by the system operator.

Likewise, this resolution establishes the prices to be passed on to the agents in 2023 for the financing of the electricity system operator.

In this sense, the prices to be passed on to the agents for the financing of the remuneration of the system operator consist of a fixed fee, whose value amounts to 200, and a variable fee that must pay the demand and generation for the hourly programs corresponding to 2023 and amounting to 0.15971 .

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The variable share has been calculated from a national demand expected for 2023 of 254.7 TWh.

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