Cobra Kai actor who would star in DC’s Red Hood

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There were strong rumors that pointed to the possibility that HBO Max develop a series focused on the antihero Red Hood, which will appear in the third season of Titans. Now the information comes up again, but the details are different. What was to be a spin off of the popular show of the group of heroes of DC it became a solo movie that would have nothing to do with the show.

We have known for a while of the intention that you have DC to bring some of its properties directly to the platform HBO Max, What Blue Beetle Y Batgirl. Now insiders point out that the brand was secretly working on the script for Red Hood to take it straight to the world of streaming.

Who will play Red Hood?

Character Red Hood it is Jason Todd, the second Robin that after being killed by him Joker, resurrects and assumes the identity of a violent antihero who seeks to avenge his death and also has a thirst for revenge with respect to Batman. The young man does not understand how it is that Bruce it did not end with him Clown Prince of Crime after the villain took his life.

Those responsible for DC have a folder name to give life to Jason Todd: Tanner Buchanan, best known for his role as Robby in Cobra Kai; in the series of Netflix it is the son of the former martial arts champion and karate teacher, Johnny Lawrence. The confirmation is not complete because they want the director of the film to give them the go-ahead on this option.

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Regarding the director for the film? At this time there are different alternatives: Shaka King (Black Messiah), Robert Machoian (God Bless the Child) y Rose Glass (Saint Maud). The plot of the film would follow different perspectives such as his own Jason, Batman, Nightwing and the Joker. Will it be set in the DC Extended Universe? We will have to wait …

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