Cobra Kai creator reveals the series will be at least 6 seasons long

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The creators of Cobra Kai announced that after the release of season 4, they started working on the script for the 5th season of the series.

Series Executive Producer Josh Heald, Collider In a conversation with the company, he said that the team is working on the script for season 5, but that problems that may occur during the production of the series could change the story and timeline.

Speaking to Collider, Heald said, “Even though there are many parts of the script that have changed and that have not changed, we still have an endgame plan. But we want you to know that it was a lot of fun for us to include new characters and stories in the script for Season 5.”

The series is planned to be at least 6 seasons long.

The show’s creator, Jon Hurwitz, said he plans to have the series at least six seasons long, but the number of seasons has yet to be determined.

“In the script of the show, besides the characters and stories that we could handle in a single season, there were times when we needed to break these topics down into seasons. That’s why we designed our scripts so that we can always go back.”

Cobra Kai, a sequel to the movie Karateci Boy, tells the story 30 years after the events of the All Valley Karate Tournament in 1984. The original movie’s protagonist Daniel LaRusso and villain Johnny Lawrence return to their adventures.

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