Cobra Kai: Karate Kid 3, the great inspiration of season 4

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Season four of “Cobra Kai”Aims to be even more violent with the arrival of Terry Silver and is that Karate Kid Part III, where the plot is revenge, will be the inspiration for this new installment.

The creators of Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg explained why “Karate Kid III”, despite being the lowest grossing film in the Karate Kid franchise, still inspires them and will be part of the plot of season 4 of the series.

“Karate Kid Part III” was released in 1989 and deals with the revenge of Sensei “John Kreese” against “Daniel” and “Mr. Miyagi ”, after he lost all of his students to their abusive behavior in the previous tournament. For his plan to reestablish Cobra Kai, call “Silver.”

Filmmakers at the time acknowledged that they didn’t really want to do the third installment and that the actors weren’t thrilled. Still, the creators of “Cobra Kai” did not know that the sequel was considered less, because they were small.

Heald, Hurwitz and Schlossberg said that as child viewers they liked it, but acknowledged that they now understand why Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita and Martin Kove, let alone screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen and director John G. Avildsen, weren’t thrilled to do. a third part. However, they highlight that he has a lot to contribute in “Cobra Kai”.

“We were just kids at home watching the third part and taking everything very seriously because we were not old enough yet to say, ‘Oh, is this a little crazy?’”, Schlossberg said. “I think our first impression of the film is legitimate. We feel that this is a continuation of these characters, “he added..

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People were waiting for an upcoming installment or to know more about “Karate Kid” and, therefore, it is valid that the “Cobra Kai” series includes characters from the original story.

“To the credit of John Avildsen (Karate Kid director), Bill Conti (musical composer) and Thomas Ian Griffith (Silver), there are a lot of things in the movie that are really fun and get your blood pumping.”Schlossberg said.

“I think there are definitely scenes that are fun to rewatch. So it’s not, ‘Oh my gosh, let’s just forget about that and put it aside.’ There are things that we love and it is exciting to delve into that again “he added.

Karate Kid Part III had as its main villain “Terry Silver”, played by Thomas Ian Griffith. It is about a millionaire businessman and old friend from the Vietnam War of “John Kreese” (Kove) who helped him plan revenge against “Daniel” (Ralph Macchio) and “Mr. Miyagi”.

“Johnny Lawrence” (William Zabka) first hears the name “Silver” in “Cobra Kai” Season 1, when he learns that “Silver’s actions” caused the dojo to be banned from the All-Valley Karate Tournament. .

“Daniel LaRusso” – in season 2 of “Cobra Kai” – told his Miyagi-Do students that he trained for a time with Silver. The ruthless young man “Silver” appeared in a flashback in season 3.

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