Cobra Kai outperformed The Witcher and Don’t Look Up on Netflix and an actor poked fun at Henry Cavill and Leonardo DiCaprio: No mercy

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Cobra Kai had his big comeback to the streaming service Netflix on December 31 with the new episodes corresponding to its fourth season, which was received greatly by critics and fans. According to the new rankings, we are facing the most viewed content on the platform and one of its actors sent a special dedication to Henry Cavill and Leonardo DiCaprio for outperforming their productions.

The Witcher went through an arduous road to release his second installment and his followers have finally enjoyed his episodes since December 17 of last year, at which point he quickly climbed into the Top 10. Instead, Don’t Look Up hit the catalog on December 24 and was also received positively by subscribers, who took it to the top of their favorites at the time. Now, things have completely changed.

According to the recent report of FlixPatrol and of the Top 10 audience of streaming Cobra Kai is currently the most viewed in the United States, leaving behind The Witcher Y Don’ Look Up. It is clear that being the newest release it has a certain freshness that makes users turn to the series. To celebrate this achievement, one of his actors sent a funny message.

Martin Kove, recognized for playing the evil sensei John Kreese, published a story on his official Instagram account, which he later also shared on Twitter, in which he showed the first three most-chosen content in the US region, with Cobra Kai to the head. There he raved the stars Henry Cavill Y Leonardo Dicaprio with the comment: “Sorry. I love you both. But … no mercy.”.

The quote clearly refers to the legend that is governed in the dojo Cobra Kai: “Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy.”. The posting on Twitter adds up to about 12 thousand likes and multiple comments from fans around the world, who joined by also putting the Top 10 in which the series is located, as in Indonesia, Portugal, Qatar, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, England, France, Poland, Israel, Ecuador and Jordan, among other nations.

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