Coco Lee’s Sister Confirms Loss of Most Evening Gowns

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Coco Lee's Sister Confirms Loss of Most Evening Gowns

Coco Lee and her sister Nancy had always shared a close bond, spending their nights confiding in each other and sleeping in the same room. However, since Coco’s untimely death on July 5 at the age of 48, Nancy has been struggling to cope with the loss.

In an interview with Hong Kong media myTV Super, Nancy revealed that she thinks about Coco constantly and has been unable to sleep well since her sister’s passing. The bed they once shared serves as a painful reminder of their conversations and the missed opportunity to retrieve Coco’s beloved outfits.

Recent reports have confirmed that Nancy and her family are unable to retrieve hundreds of Coco’s outfits from her estranged husband Bruce Rockowitz’s house. Nancy expressed her disappointment but remained optimistic, stating that they can always buy new outfits for Coco.

As Coco’s former manager, Nancy also shared her struggle to find motivation and purpose in life after losing her sister. She had hoped to be a role model for Coco but now feels lost without her. Nancy expressed her inability to change Coco’s unhappiness and the difficulty of moving forward.

Regarding Coco’s funeral arrangements, Nancy expressed her gratitude towards friends and professionals who have been helping them. However, she admitted that she still tears up whenever Coco is mentioned, finding it challenging to overcome her grief.

Nancy also provided an update on their mother’s condition, revealing that she recently celebrated her 86th birthday. However, since Coco’s death, their mother has been in low spirits and expressed her reluctance to celebrate future birthdays.

In a separate interview with TVB Entertainment News, Nancy addressed the issue of Coco’s missing outfits. She expressed her desire to find the outfits Coco loved and wanted her to wear something beautiful for her final journey. Unfortunately, most of her evening gowns are gone.

When asked about rumors regarding Rockowitz’s involvement in the distribution of Coco’s assets, Nancy dismissed them as speculation from reporters. She clarified that she had not made any statements on the matter.

Fans have gathered at the Hong Kong Funeral Home to pay tribute to Coco, renting advertisement spaces at 24 bus stops to display her posters. Coco’s memorial service will be livestreamed on Nancy’s YouTube channel, and the funeral service will also be livestreamed on the same channel.

As Coco Lee’s family and fans mourn her loss, they remember her as a talented singer and cherish the memories they shared with her.

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