CoD Black Ops Cold War is inspired by Among Us; this is the Double Agent mode

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has presented to the community the main contents of Season 5, which it shares with Warzone. The Treyarch title adds from August 13 the Double Agent mode, a slope that introduces players in the search for the traitor. The inspiration with Among Us is more than clear: therefore, we tell you how it works and what you should take into account.

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This is how Double Agent mode works in Black Ops Cold War

Double Agent poses a minimal combat ten players divided into three different roles. The agents and the investigator must search for clues on the map to eliminate the double agents, while they will seek to detonate all the bombs or kill the rest of the rivals. There is an added peculiarity, and that is that the agents will not know from the beginning who are friends and who are enemies: if you kill a partner you will die instantly.

Depending on your role, you will have access to a voice chat with your direct partners, so communication is essential. Agents can use a special kill streak that allows them to place a search and capture of any player in the game; you must be careful who you point to.

Your personalized equipment will have no effect on the game. At the beginning of each round you will have to look for weapons and equipment scattered around the map. The team seeks you to adapt to any circumstance.

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