COD Warzone | Halloween Event: The Haunting; new challenges, weapons and operators

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Call of Duty: Warzone celebrates the contents of The Haunting, his special event for Halloween alongside Black Ops Cold War. The most important thing you should know is the incorporation of 9 special challenges in the battle royale. The usual challenges offer you simple objectives with which to receive thematic rewards; By completing them all you get the main bonus, the LAPA submachine gun. We tell you what they are and what you will receive in return.

All The Haunting Challenges and Rewards

We must emphasize that in Black Ops Cold War there are 9 challenges totally different from those of the battle royale, although in this piece we will focus on Warzone. If you meet all of them in one or the other, you will receive the weapon.

  • Play 5 games on the Ghosts of Verdansk Playlist | Reward: Charlie Sniper Rifle “Fiery Elegance”
  • Finish in the top 10 with your squad on the Verdansk Ghosts Playlist 3 times | Reward: Scary Clock Add-on
  • Eliminate 10 ghost enemies in the playlist Ghosts of Verdansk | Reward: Breather Charm
  • Eliminate 10 human enemies while playing as your operator in the Playlist Ghosts of Verdansk | Reward: Final Summon Emblem
  • Eliminate 5 human enemies while playing as a ghost in the Ghosts of Verdansk playlist | Reward: reticule Spider web
  • As a ghost, redeploy with your Operator by collecting 3 souls or executing an auction against a human enemy who is standing, crouching, or on the ground | Reward: Deadly Mime sticker
  • Use 3 Holy Land locations to lower the fear gauge in the Ghosts of Verdansk playlist | Reward: Underworld business card
  • Take 3 calls in the playlist Ghosts of Verdansk | Reward: Prophecy sticker
  • Suffer 3 hallucinations while your fear gauge is maxed out on the Playlist Ghosts of Verdansk | Reward: Tentacle Amulet
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On the other hand, two operators will join the Black Ops Cold War roster. We talk about Ghostface y Donnie Darko. The latter will arrive in the in-game store on October 24. Click here to see the protagonist of Scream.

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