CoD Warzone makes first weapon tuning in Season 5; new patch

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Call of Duty: Warzone receives the first balance patch for Season 5. The changes are now available in the game, including the reduction in power of the AMP 63, the automatic pistol of Black Ops Cold War.

Here we leave you with the full update notes. Remember that the battle royale will hold an event to announce the next installment: Call of Duty Vanguard. Find out all the details by clicking this link.

Full patch notes

Weapon balance

  • AS VAL | Maximum damage reduced from 30 to 27.

  • Fennec | Bullet speed increased by 13.4%.

  • MW Charlie Submachine Gun | Maximum damage reduced from 34 to 31, maximum damage per distance reduced by 5.4%, and upper torso damage multiplier increased from 1 to 1.1.

  • Ots 9 | Decreased the roll of the weapon when firing while aiming.

  • AMP 63 | Maximum damage reduced from 33 to 31, medium damage by 28, and minimum damage reduced from 28 to 23.

  • M19 | Maximum damage reduced from 33 to 29, average damage reduced from 28 to 25, and minimum damage reduced from 23 to 20. These changes only apply in Akimbo mode.

  • Sykov | Maximum damage reduced from 27 to 24, average damage reduced from 23 to 20, and minimum damage reduced from 19 to 17. These changes only apply when using the Sorokin 140mm autocannon.

Error correction

  • Fixed an issue where multiple squads could enter the same red door (this fixes issues related to dying from gas when crossing the door).

  • Fixed an issue where Battle Pass tiers were not properly unlocked for Battle Passes received as gifts.

  • Fixed an issue where the icons would appear with a white box when adding the Gru silencer and KGB eliminator accessories to the PPSh-41.

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