CoD Warzone: Season 5 Update; patch notes, changes and news

CoD Warzone: Season 5 Update;  patch notes, changes and news

Call of Duty: Warzone introduces the full changes as part of the Season 5 kickoff. battle royale updated with new perks, some accessory tweaks, and various bug fixes. We must remember that the balance of weapons will not arrive at the beginning; Raven says they will release that patch “in the near future.”

Season 5 Patch Notes; all changes and additions


  • Points of interest on the map: mobile relay stations. These stations will vary in location at the start of the game.

  • Point of interest on the map: [[Clasificado]]

  • New Gulag: Rush from Black Ops II

  • New travel locations at the Red Gates.

  • High resolution textures are now released via the streaming service in real time. You can enable it from the options menu (console only).

  • The TEC-9 and EM2 from Black Ops Cold War have been added to the loot weapons of the world.

  • The Sentinel Turret Kill Streak can now be found in Supply Crates.

  • Added two new perks: Combat Scout (third slot) and Tempered (second slot).

  • The icon for armor plate packs has been changed so as not to be mistaken for ammo packs.

  • Added the ability to select whether to target by clicking on a single button, instead of holding it until now.

  • Cold Blooded now counterattacks to the new perk, Combat Scout.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed additional collisions with various elements through Verdansk that allowed users to exploit and shoot through them.

  • Fixed visual issues with various Verdansk scenes disappearing at certain angles or causing the light to shine brighter than it should.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to hide within money supplies.

  • Fixed an issue with the ingame hotspot making players invisible during matches.

  • Fixed an issue with the ammo box that could be deployed at the rendezvous point and remain during the game.

  • Fixed an issue where the player could lose their weapons when reviving another player if they surrendered at the same time.

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s head would disappear when a loot bag was on their back.

  • Fixed a bug where dismemberment would not work properly with the ‘Solar Flare’ weapon project

  • Fixed a bug where text chat options did not appear in the accessibility menu.

  • Fixed a bug where the sniper glow would sometimes not appear.

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Solar Flare’ weapon project was not being applied correctly on the base weapon.

  • Fixed a bug where the mark button appeared when placing a field upgrade.

  • Fixed the steady aim laser descriptions on the Ak-47 and C58 from Black Ops Cold War.

  • Fixed a bug where the tracers were not present when using the ‘Solar Flare’ weapon project.

  • Fixed an issue where Akimbo pistols could spawn when the left hand weapon was left unloaded.

  • Fixed a bug with the dynamic icons of the OT9.

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  • Magazine from 20 → ammo capacity increased from 20 to 25

  • Stanag 25 → ammo capacity increased from 25 to 30

  • Rapid magazine from 20 → ammo capacity increased from 20 to 25

  • Quick charger Salvo from 23 → → ammo capacity increased from 23 to 30

Source: Raven Software


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