CoD Warzone servers, how do you know if they work?

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Call of Duty: Warzone has always puffed out its chest server stability. In very few occasions the community has reported problems of drops or loss of connection. However, Activision constantly informs its followers of where they are. We tell you what you must take into account to know your situation.

Warzone servers: connection status and tips

The editor of Call of Duty: Warzone enables on its official website the status of the online services of all its products currently, including the battle royale. On the page you will find the real-time status of the servers. If they are in green it means that they work; On the other hand, if they are in red, you will have to wait for it to stabilize again.

In the same page advice is offered in case the failure may come from your connection, such as checking the speed of your network, the applications that can consume your bandwidth or simply what steps you must follow to restart your router.

You can check that at the bottom of the screen there are shortcuts to the Online services from all platforms. PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or can sometimes have issues that prevent you from accessing multiplayer normally. The really cool point about Activision’s support page is that you have everything at hand on one screen.

Enter the page through the link below.

For its part, Call of Duty: Warzone It is available in free to play format on PS4, Xbox One and PC (; compatible with next generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. You can play completely free; Inside they offer optional cosmetic microtransactions.

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