CoD Warzone Unveils Season 5 Contents; weapons, maps and more

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Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War will revolutionize some of the elements that we knew so far. We can look forward to new game modes, a wide variety of multiplayer maps, a mid-season event, and the arrival of two perks to battle royale. These are the highlights of things to come from August 12th.

Call of Duty: Warzone will release perks and map zones

Free to play users can expect some of the most important news that it has received since the landing of Verdansk 1984. The two unprecedented advantages stand out: Combat Scout y Tempered. The first adds for a short period of time a silhouette that marks the enemy in real time. At that time it will automatically mark it for the rest of the squad, which will benefit those squads that communicate with each other.

On the other hand, Tempered intends to change some values ​​of the protection system. Each plate that is equipped will be able to absorb 75 points of dyear, instead of the usual 50 points. In this way only with two plates you will have full armor. You must sacrifice the second perk slot to add it to your build.

The playable area will be updated with various mobile relay stations. You will see antennas next to various vehicles and small houses scattered around Verdansk. The team points out that these zones “will differ depending on the game.” During the season’s boosters you can expect an event related to the red doors, called “the numbers.”

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What weapons does Season 5 include?

Kitsune, the main operator of this operation, is accompanied by four weapons, in addition to the flamethrower as a new streak of casualties. Highlights the assault rifle EM2, a British-made weapon that reduces its cadence at the cost of gaining precision in the medium and long range. As we could see in the main image, the TEC-9 It will arrive on August 12 within the family of submachine guns, contrary to what could be expected as a kind of belt weapon.

During the season, a secondary weapon will arrive. The Marshal will provide a double barreled sawed-off shotgun that has the ability to kill with a single shot at close range. It will be the predecessor of the view in Black Ops III. The melee arsenal, on the other hand, will only be enlarged by the classic staff, which will arrive from day one.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War receives five new maps and Double Agent

Treyarch has put all the meat on the grill within its multiplayer offering. From day one the 6vs6 will receive Echelon and Slums, which will not be overlooked for those veterans of the saga. During the season reinforcements we will see two more playable environments: Drive-In and Zoo. El Tiroteo, on the other hand, will receive a Showroom launch.

One of the most interesting news is on the mode Double Agent. This aspect changes the classic action for a kind of search for the traitor. 10 players come together in a match through 3 different roles: as a double agent, investigator, and operative. The double agents must eliminate the rest of the participants or drop the bombs without detecting their presence. The latter are the opposite, as they will have to look for clues to detect the traitors. It will be the operatives who will have to eliminate the targets discovered by the rest.

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Depending on the role you play, you will have access to a specific custom class, so you must know how to adapt as the situation requires. You can see his trailer at the top of this paragraph.

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